JEC Disability Management Environmental Sustainability, Social, Governance (ESG) Policy

JEC Disability Management is a private Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE) devoted to the goal of providing complete and efficient independent medical exams, film review, medical record retrieval. Our goal is to provide timely professional reports to our clients. JEC Disability Management services insurance companies, self-insured companies, third party administrators, unions and attorneys.

At JEC Disability Management, sustainability means conducting business in a way that seeks to meet the needs of the present in ways that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet later needs. The world is facing many challenges, including climate change due to increasing CO2 emissions, severe poverty, and discrimination. JEC Disability Management is thus accelerating their efforts to achieve a sustainable society. At JEC we recognize that protecting our precious natural resources is vital to the health, well-being, and prosperity of entire populations, of nations and even the global corporate sector. We view this as an internal imperative to drive us toward a low-carbon and greener future in our own operations as well as for our vendors.

In efforts to improve these challenges, JEC prioritizes the following practices to guide us towards a more sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

1. Usage of 100% recyclable paper for all printed files.
2. Usage of vehicles used for business travel that is battery operated to reduce carbon emissions.
3. Pressure control systems put in place throughout our facility’s water utilities to avoid waste.
4. Energy saving appliances and telecommunication equipment.
5. Controls for lighting and temperature within facility to maximize energy efficiency.
6. Conveniently located next to MTA train station stop to encourage employees to use public. transportation and instead of personal cars for daily work commutes.

JEC sets forth practices to improve social issues including human rights, labor practices, diversity, customer satisfaction and more. Under the American System, each of the citizens of this country has an equal right to live and work in America. It is JEC’s policy we prioritize hiring individuals who have the personality, talent and background to fill the given position regardless of race, color, religion or creed.

In additional to addressing environmental and social issues, JEC tracks governance practices such as, management diversity and risk management.

1. JEC is an entirely women owned business with minority principals.

2. JEC’s risk assessment team ensures patrols are put in place to account for all possible risks that could occur in business.

These practices are all imbedded in our everyday practices at JEC. We are regularly re-evaluating our policy to discover more ways to promote more ESG activities in our daily operations

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