About Us

JEC Disability Management is a private Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE) devoted to the goal of providing complete and efficient medical cost containment and related services for the injured and disabled.

JEC Disability Management services insurance companies, self insured companies, third party administrators, unions and attorneys. We recognize that all companies have different approaches to similar challenges. It is our philosophy that our product is the service we provide.

At JEC Disability Management, we make the utmost effort to meet each individual client’s specific needs in order to assist in the goal of reducing claims costs.

Carole Bronfman


The current principals of JEC Disability Management are Carole Bronfman RN CCM and Emily Fernandez. Ms. Bronfman is a registered nurse trained in critical care and is a Certified Case Manager.

Ms. Emily Fernandez has been the director of IME Services for the past 18 years in charge of credentialing panel physicians. The principals have been in the IME/Peer/Film Review and Medical Case Management business for the past 20 years.

As a result, JEC has been voted the preferred vendor by major insurance companies examiners.

Contact Carole and Emily at cbronfman@jecdisability.com | efernandez@jecdisability.com

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