medical cost containment
JEC Disability Management
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JEC Disability Management
medical cost containment
Complete and efficient medical cost containment and related services for insurance companies, law firms, third party administrators and employers.
medical cost containment
IME Services
Nationwide IME Services performed by credentialed physicians
IME Services
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Case Management Services
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About Us

JEC Disability Management is a private Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE) devoted to the goal of providing complete and efficient medical cost containment and related services for the injured and disabled.

JEC Disability Management services insurance companies, self insured companies, third party administrators, unions and attorneys. We recognize that all companies have different approaches to similar challenges. It is our philosophy that our product is the service we provide.

At JEC Disability Management, we make the utmost effort to meet each individual client’s specific needs in order to assist in the goal of reducing claims costs.

Our Services

Referral Forms

JEC Disability Management provides a seamless and secure platform to submit various referral forms directly from your desktop or mobile device.

IME Services

JEC Disability Management provides IME services nationwide. The network was custom built targeting only providers who have prior experience performing IME’s.

They are required to have an active private practice. Physicians are only added to the panel after review of the ABMS, state medical society listings, and WC Board.

Case Management

Cost savings from case management comes from the fact that many times cases can drag on-not from abuse, but from misuse.

JEC Disability Management can help provide a defined recovery plan and arrange the coordination that is often lacking.

Film Retrieval

Many firms express difficulty in obtaining the films from facilities. This requires a lot of follow up and tracking. JEC Disability will obtain Films for Film Reviews at no charge for the service as long as we are performing the review.

We will contact the facility with a valid authorization, pay for the films, and have them reviewed. There is no charge for the service as long as we are performing a review. This authorization in most cases can be emailed to JEC and an original is not usually required.

Medical Record Retrieval

JEC Disability Management can obtain medical records quickly and efficiently on all your claims. This is done by consistent follow up and quick pay to the facility on the provided authorization.

We have noticed on many of the files there is a delay in the IME due to insufficient medicals provided. This causes more addendums and incomplete exams which can therefore impact the physician conclusion and impact the end result and benefit of the IME.

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